Laure Prouvost

I have secured a place on a course at CAMPfr – VIDEO & INSTALLATION ART WITH LAURE PROUVOST on 10/10/2018.


The course aims to unpick aspects of conceptual installation art through classes and activities over five days and will include individual sessions to develop personal practice and projects.  Do you know of Laure?  Her work is mainly about  language – in its broadest sense – which permeates the video, sound, installation and her performance work.

An important aspect of this course in France will be to incorporate my time there into the development of my practice and to bring back the experience and the work I make to the UK.


We were out there in the IT HEAT HIT , the tow-wot of us reflecting as we wondered around in the darkness of a miss translated text. The wanderer went to the hairdresser, on his way to the storage he got lost in communication, The cameras themselves ended up drunk. When all had vanished After, After long after Before before, we ate a croissant, smoked a cigarette with butter, it was everything we expected, we knew these days it was all just Magic electronics. So we left the entrance with all its hard drives and entered a large empty room where we could hear this voice and a few performances, there was a Whale some sun and many more voices. Lost here we Followed some signs. The shadows in the windows touching you gave us a sense of being cared for as we walked around these empty feel less walls. We knew we had to go deeper, deeper with you. A few vegetables fell from the sky to prove we were not on our own. In front of you appeared a few Reliques of the past, They were not just images any more. On our way south there was a few stories of reflections to guide us and swallow all the goodness of these worlds words and the video, of birds eating raspberries, where cactus grew in the depth of the ground. Where people were meeting in a room far to our right, some were talking about how to make money religiously some in Monolog about their existence there subsistence , wanting to be more as there knew well: we are only pixels. The artist was lost in grand ma’s dream the abandoned artist studio got improved since grand dad has been lost in the tunnels of histories, grand dad is a conceptual artist who’s last piece was to digg a tunnel to africa without the authority knowing about it, all for the love of “wantee” during their tea parties as there is no more love among the artists only a few vegetables falling from the sky as signs. We are planning to open a visitor centre for grand dad – here donation are welcomed- with a tea slide for grand ma. To show him how much we misses him grand ma has made tapestries and we cleaned the floor and put some new carpet to hide the dust of the past if it was only that. We knew we could all turn into all that is here, Leave this place stop leeking our hight phones and computers, we will go far, far away, away to Lick leek leak from Lick in the past of this apocalyptic glamour of condensed life. –


Laure Prouvost was born in Lille, France (1978) and is currently based in London and Antwerp. She received her BFA from Central St Martins, London in 2002 and studied towards her MFA at Goldsmiths College, London. She also took part in the LUX Associate Programme.

Preparing myself for this course, I begin to think in terms of a film-maker. Or a sound collector…

+ See next post for continued thought strings. 


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