Developing a research folder concept

How do I physically contain the research carried out in my part-time Curatorial Practice Masters? Two years of hunter-gathering on a specific topic, in order to write reports, curate live projects, interview legends and reflect on contemporary curatorial practice.

Where do I start?

To organise my data into areas perhaps? With categories such as: Interviews; Live projects; Reports; Reviews; Reflections; Curatorial practice histories; Field visits…?

But then what? What do I do when the material is physical, not digital? Photograph it? What if I have photocopies from books? Would I just cite the book reference, or put in the physical photocopy as an image?  How to include audio and video?

Would I compile it all here, on my wordpress site?

The article linked below is interesting, and reports on the findings of a research study carried out by Marie-Therese Gramstadt et al. between 2007-2011 and looks at encouraging UK institutions to engage with repositories for their arts research.

Kultivating Kultur: Increasing Arts Research Deposit

I wonder if I can use some of the data here to build a system which recognises my area of study, and which will stand as a representation of the research carried out during this period…  Any thoughts – ping them my way: click to email


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