Ryoji Ikeda: test pattern [N°12]

On the same day I visited Everything at Once at 180 The Strand, I had the opportunity to visit another exhibition on the ground floor, commissioned by Store X The Vinyl Factory.

Photograph: @ajanefrench

I took off my shoes as instructed and queued before entering a long rectangular room behind the reception area…

Japanese artist, composer and arch data manipulator Ryoji Ikeda unveiled his new, immersive audio-visual artwork at The Store X, 180 The Strand in London this October.

test pattern [N°12] is the latest iteration of Ikeda’s test pattern project, which began in 2006, in which data is converted from music, sound, photo and video into monochrome binary patterns and which envelop the viewer in a disorientating, highly-charged kinetic environment.

Ryoji Ikeda
Ryoji Ikeda

Probing the essential characteristics of sound and light, Ikeda’s work bridges the worlds of art and music and challenges fundamental preconceptions of both through the intensity of his installations.

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