Left brain, right brain

I am looking at my research, and I am feeling somewhat detached. Am I getting lost in the idea that as a photographer, my focus should go in that direction?

My thought-bites on this blog are a pin board of ideas, exhibitions, things I have heard or read in passing that I feel I can’t let go of just yet as I progress along this path.  Yet I feel more satisfied thinking about conceptual and installation art in the sense of the gallery space, than I do in thinking about photography. Is this significant?

I am a photographer. I feel that my curatorial future is in photography. But I also feel that I want to sidestep into looking at installations within the gallery space. I have been injected with the thought to consider ethics with my practice and I will be looking into this in more detail this week. Immediately I wonder if there is an issue of ethics in my wanting to curate photographs, when photographs are my passion. In my spare time I trawl antique and second hand shops to add to my collection of carte-de-visites depicting men with outrageous facial hair. Niche I know, but can this bias interfere with my ethics as a curator of photography?

I think I need to create another mind-map to see what might evolve.

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Y&R. (2011). Print advertisment, Mercedes [Image] Available at: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/mercedes_left_brain_right_brain_paint. (Accessed 7 November 2017).

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