Art School: Aims and Goals

My aims and goals throughout my time doing my postgraduate study

  • Understand the changing role of the curator
  • What is critical theory?
  • Research methodologies and how to think & write like an academic
  • Learn the methods for analysis and evaluation
  • Delve into the nature of collecting and the influence of collecting on curatorial practice
  • Private collectors… who / why/ what?
  • Research the archiving and management of historical and contemporary collections
  • Understand engagement & audiences
  • Study a live project… 
  • Get lost in current discourse and critical debate
  • Explore how different curatorial approaches reach particular audiences
  • Do I focus on a text or practice based final task?
  • How do you look at historical or archival case studies
  • See if I can curate an exhibition in a hypothetical venue…


Featured image:

Hoare, AJ. (2017). Corsham Court. [photograph] (AJ Hoare’s own collection).

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